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The Trail Of Attempts to Pay Witnesses Against Nygard

By P.J. Malone

We have seen evidence outlining years of alleged attempts to get “girls” to falsely accuse fashion mogul Peter Nygard of sexual abuse. Yet, none of their efforts appear to have succeeded. So now they have attempted the next best thing. But undoubtedly, it doesn’t add up.

Let’s follow the trail of hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon’s operatives and let those actions speak for themselves.

The First Trail Marker

The first marker on the trail of their diabolical acts against Mr. Nygard is the evidence of their intent, as revealed by their own voices.

As previously written about, court documents from a 2012 case filed in The Bahamas against hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon and several individuals involving conspiracy and extortion—among other things—revealed that a former Scotland Yard detective secretly recorded conversations with several of these individuals who admitted to working toward destroying Peter Nygard. The Scotland Yard detective gave evidence on what he discovered from his secret recordings.

In the court document it outlines what the Scotland Yard detective discovered about several individuals that he met with and allegedly secretly recorded.

With respect to an investigator hired by the Lyford Cay executive, the Scotland Yard detective said this:

“He claimed to operate outside any rule or laws and also admitted that he would offer and had offered bribes to witnesses to make false allegations about sexual misconduct of Peter Nygard.”

With respect to a former Bahamian police officer (in partnership with the investigator hired by the Lyford Cay executive), the Scotland Yard detective said this:

“He has also admitted to offers of bribing and paying young women to make false allegations about Peter Nygard.”

With respect to the Lyford Cay executive, the Scotland Yard detective said this:

“She and JF [the investigator] have discussed finding a “girl” to say she was abused by Nygard.”

In another section of the court document, the detective also said of the Lyford Cay executive “She too was encouraging F to find a girl to make a “complaint” against Nygard of sexual misconduct”.

With respect to the individual described as Louis Bacon’s lawyer, the Scotland Yard detective disclosed this:

“JF also works with PM [Bacon’s lawyer] and is party to conversations and directions with respect to paying potential witnesses to make serous allegations against Nygard. [Bacon’s lawyer] M talks to F about paying a girl $10,000.00 to make an allegation of sexual conduct against Nygard. This he describes as “the big one”. The actions of PM [Bacon’s lawyer] appear to be behind the scenes political lobbying, covert investigations and the provision of finances for witnesses bribed for their testimony.”

Additionally, the Scotland Yard detective made this shocking alleged revelation about the actions of this lawyer sworn to uphold the law: “P [Bacon’s lawyer] told F that he wanted to find a girl to say she was abused by Nygard. P also said that if she was given $10,000 to make a statement that she was raped, that would enable him to serve a writ.”

The Scotland Yard detective alleged the following as revealed in the 2012 court document:

“F approached [name withheld] one of the producers of the CBC programme. F told him that he had and could, with his colleague [name withheld] recruit local Bahamian girls who would be prepared to appear on the programme and say anything disparaging about Peter Nygard provided they were paid a sum of money.”

The Scotland Yard detective also alleged, “F did pay [name withheld] a former chef at Nygard Cay who was referred to in the CBC programme.

From the Scotland Yard detective’s alleged recordings submitted to the court, you could see how a string of individuals discussed finding “girls” to falsely accuse Mr. Nygard of sexual misconduct, for “a sum of money”.

The Second Trail Marker

Remember the 2016 court case filed in The Bahamas involving Bobo and Toggie (aka Toogie) with shocking revelations about a certain Free National Movement member’s involvement in the whole affair? If you recall from earlier discussions, the following occurrence was also a part of the evidence submitted to the court:

A former employee of Mr. Nygard’s was approached by Toggie several times and engaged in conversation. She (R) reported that because of her knowledge of accusations made about Mr. Nygard, it put her on guard; so she recorded herself to make sure she “was not misquoted to anyone”.

What follows are excerpts of the conversations allegedly recorded and exhibited in the court document:

R: “So when last you talk to him? You talk to him?”

Toogie: “Nygard?”

R: “Yeah.”

Toogie: “I don’t talk to no Nygard. How we ga talk to Nygard and we work for Louis Bacon?”

In an apparent follow up conversation Toogie tells R that he needs girls that used to be sexually involved with Mr. Nygard:

Toogie: “I need two girls, we’ll go away, wherever they want go and everything because they want know if they have anything on Nygard…. They want know gals who used to “f***” Nygard and party with him and stuff like that. That’s what they tell us.”

R: “That’s it?”

Toogie: “I know the gals ain’t do no crime for him, we know that for sure.”

Here’s more of what the alleged recording submitted to the courts captured:

Toogie: “You used to work with him.”

R: “Yeah, I used to work with him, I used to work. But I never say well, you know, grind him so I never had an opportunity to travel with him.”

Later Toogie reportedly tells R this:

“Once you line up you could make “f***ing” money too…

R: “But I never used to travel with him.”

Toogie: “Tell them you used to “f***” him, just tell them that. “F***”, tell them you used to “f***” him, you just never travel with him, that’s all.”

R: “Uh-huh.”

Toogie: “Tell them “f***ing” he used to party, he like kinky shits, tell them all kind of “f***” . Man these niggers get, these niggers spending this money….

Toggie: “I tell you the first time these niggers shake my hand, they give me fifty “f***ing” grand.”

So in 2016, according to Toogie in this recorded conversation, he was working for Bacon and “they” were still looking for “girls” that were involved with Mr. Nygard and they were willing to pay.

The Third Trail Marker

So I guess if you can’t get the girls themselves, a made-up story about girls will have to do—Jestan Sands enters stage left.

Jestan Sands was a former employee of Mr. Nygard. He recently released a scathing document in which he alleges all manner of things against Mr. Nygard. But before we go further on that, let’s dig a little deeper into Jestan Sands.

In January of 2014, Jestan made himself Mr. Nygard’s savior by supposedly assisting the negotiations with two young ladies who were attempting to extort Mr. Nygard.

Apparently, these young ladies were trying to get Mr. Nygard to give them money to not give Bacon doctored tapes and to not give Bacon false stories that were allegedly being asked for—the ladies wanted $500,000 a piece to be exact. Jestan was the go between.

After Mr. Nygard states that what the girls are attempting to do is illegal, Jestan skirts over that and suggests that if $500,000 is too much, maybe Mr. Nygard could suggest a lower amount.

Was Jestan in on this deal? Was he trying to find a way to get money also?

In January 2014, Jestan writes to Mr. Nygard, “I’m a bit frustrated as I am trying to find a place to live and I need a vehicle to get to and from work. As I continue to assist you, can you please approve some funds for me so that I can begin to acquire my housing situation and transportation.”

In February 2014 Jestan writes, “Also, really need your help with some financial support as I need to pay for my housing situation ASAP. I am renting a room now and can’t afford the payments anymore and need to secure the apartment I found and need to retain.”

Since Mr. Nygard got the police involved and the matter was resolved with the young ladies, if Jestan was involved with the young ladies, there was no payout; what choice does he now have but to come back to Mr. Nygard and beg for assistance again, but this time with his true reasoning for assistance:

“Please assist me chief, with some funds as I have been faithfully working on this with you and cooperating without delay. I will continue to work this process with your team until resolution but really need the finances to move into my place and try to get a second hand car as I am having a tough time now.”

The Fourth Trail Marker

Fast forward: It is February 2016, Jestan is now in Toronto, Canada signing an affidavit in Bacon’s case against Mr. Nygard involving Bobo and Toogie. Jestan supposedly overheard a conversation between Bobo and Toggie that happens to be exactly what Bacon needs for his case—Boy, Bacon sure has great luck with witnesses who just happen to overhear what he needs them to overhear to prove his case—hearsay evidence enter stage right.

In his 2017 scathing attack on Mr. Nygard that he posted online, Jestan is repeating all of Save The Bays’ talking points. Isn’t that interesting? He signs an affidavit in Bacon’s case and now posts a scathing attack online against Peter Nygard. Coincidence?

Still, I think Jestan didn’t bank on a few things:

Here are some factors that Jestan didn’t consider:

• That his accusations against Mr. Nygard eerily model the attempts going all the way back to 2010 of the Lyford Cay executive, the lawyer and others who were allegedly caught on tape trying to find girls to tell lies of sexual misconduct on Mr. Nygard.
• That when ‘they’ finally identified some girls in 2014 that might be willing to give them false stories, he didn’t imagine that these girls would leave a paper trail of their extortion attempts against Nygard—money in exchange for “not giving to Bacon” what he wanted.
• That, in 2016, there would be a recording of one of Bacon’s operative’s attempts, in the form of Toogie, trying to find girls to supposedly lie on Mr. Nygard.
• That Bacon was sued in 2016 from the young lady that Jestan claims was held against her will—sued for filing a court document using her name without her knowledge in an attempt to falsely accuse Mr. Nygard of holding her against her will. She says it is untrue.

So, now that ‘they’ have not been successful with finding “girls” to maliciously and falsely accuse Mr. Nygard of sexual misconduct, your story, Jestan Sands, is the next best thing. Except, how can anyone believe you when you harassed Mr. Nygard to give you money to pay for an apartment and buy you a car? Then when you weren’t successful, you wound up in Canada giving an affidavit in Louis Bacon’s case against Mr. Nygard.

Clearly this young man is a greedy man simply looking for a grand payday.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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