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“No One Deserves To Be Bullied”

The Clifton Review

The Clifton Review is a tri-weekly column that examines the question of the Clifton project along with the evolution of the war between two billionaires, the links to unsavory characters, the use of the courts for personal agendas, the involvement of a political party, and the attacks on the Government of The Bahamas.

We covered the start of this war with articles describing the battle over easement rights, the mysterious burning of a home, the blocks to rebuilding, and countless questionable court filings. This series of articles asks the needed questions and presents the arguments in full.

“No One Deserves To Be Bullied”

By P.J. Malone

When you think about it, the acts that hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon and his Save The Bays cohorts engage in demonstrate that they are nothing but big bullies.

How else do you explain how they have singled out fashion mogul Peter Nygard for such incessant vicious attacks to the exclusion of anyone else?

Bullies are described as having a need to control and dominate others. describes a bully as someone who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate others—an oppressor, a tyrant, a tormentor, or an intimidator. Bullies “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.”

Isn’t this exactly what Louis Bacon, using his minions like Fred Smith, has done?

They have connived and manipulated and engaged in all manner of bullying to achieve their objective of persecution.

Why? One research has suggested that a motive for bullying is envy and resentment.

And just like workplace bullies have been described as acting in a University of Iowa Conflict Management presentation, these Clifton saga bullies can be described as acting the same way:

a. They have spread rumors in private to attempt to reduce Peter Nygard’s power and damage his reputation:

That’s how it all began, as attempts to damage Peter Nygard’s reputation. They managed to corral Lyford Cay residents into supporting their efforts by ostensibly misrepresenting the facts of the situation.

b. They have distorted reality to make themselves look good and Peter Nygard look bad:

Save The Bays has pretended this fight is all about the environment to make their cause seem like a valid one with Peter Nygard as the bad guy who has harmed the environment—except, it is obvious it is not about the environment since if Peter Nygard has harmed the environment, so has Fred Smith himself, so has Louis Bacon himself, and so has the Lyford Cay Association.

c. They are hypocritical, exploitative and manipulative:
Louis Bacon and Fred Smith have done the same things Mr. Nygard did, except even bigger; yet, Nygard is attacked and the facts manipulated to make themselves look right and make Nygard look like a villain.

d. They are evasive, do not provide straight answers, and get angry when confronted:

Their arguments fail the logic test, and when you point out the inconsistencies, call them out on their wrongdoing, and point to the unfairness, they take you to court in an attempt to silence the press and any other contrary opinions.
e. They are pompous and self-righteous and inflate their importance:
They behave as though they are the true leaders of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and they get to decide what the people should want to happen and who should be singled out for attack.

f. They play the victim and blames others for their pain and suffering:
We all know too well how they have gone to international human rights organizations and pretended to be victims in fear for their lives, while walking around freely and carrying on their business as usual, and marring The Bahamas good name in the process.
g. They pretend to care and humiliate the victim under the guise of caring.

Yes, they pretend to really care about the environment ignoring the building of their own groyne and the excavation of the seabed without permits while decimating Peter Nygard for his groyne and the clearing out of his marina.
In the words of President Barak Obama “Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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