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Mixed Emotions over Gibson for West GB and Bimini by-election

Former Member of Parliament and PLP Cabinet Minister Shane Gibson says he would accept the
nomination for the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election.

By Gerrino J. Saunders

Journal Staff Writer

Following the untimely death of the Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini
the late Minister Obie Wilchcombe, a by-election for the constituency is eminent.
Although there have been conflicting reports on when the by-election must take place, it is
largely understood that it must happen within 30 days of the seat becoming vacant on Monday
October 2, 2023.
While the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has refrained from any public
discussions or announcement of plans regarding the by-election until after Minister
Wilchcombes’ funeral, on the ground things have been heating up as residents of the West Grand
Bahama and Bimini constituency, and a number of potential candidates from various parties have
seemingly begun to maneuver in the constituency seeking to gain the nomination in their
respective party.
One of those individuals and potential candidate is former PLP Cabinet Minister and Golden
Gates Member of Parliament Shane Gibson, who told a local daily that he would accept the West
Grand Bahama and Bimini nomination if offered.
Well, on Tuesday this week the subject of the by-election and potential candidates dominated
Love 97.5 FM’s popular talk show ‘Issues of The Day’ with host Khristian Jones.
Some callers like a Mr. Rahming expressed his lack of support for Mr. Gibson’s nomination by
the PLP. He said, “The Shane Gibson era is over, we can put that one to bed. He will not get a
Asked by the show’s host why would he say that, the caller responded, “His time is over, he
done had he chance, he was there in Cabinet, he was already there. He is bad news, and that is
the easiest way for the PLP to lose this by-election and the next general election,” he said.
“And word has reached me that he is considering vying for the chairmanship of the party also, no
sir, no sir,” Mr. Rahming added.

The host, Mr. Jones, asked him what is wrong with Mr. Gibson vying for the chairmanship of the
PLP, to which the caller, Mr. Rahming, sought to remind the host and listeners of past challenges
and allegations of corruption faced by Mr. Gibson while a member of the Christie administration.
However, it should be noted that Mr. Gibson was acquitted and found not guilty of 15 charges
that were brought against him in the court of law.
Meanwhile, there were those like an unknown caller that fully supports the idea of Mr. Gibson
receiving the PLP nomination for the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election.
He said, “Mr. Gibson is a good man. The man tried to run for MICAL, there was a blockage
there, everywhere this man try to run it’s like somebody trying to block him, but no matter what
they do this man have to run cause why, the people want him there.
“The lady already say from Bimini she already been to the prime minister once when it was Obie
time and they run him, and now this time its Mr. Gibson time and she don’t want to go back to
the prime minister because if Shane don’t win (the nomination) the PLP just will lose that seat.”
Continuing the caller said, “See, you have to hear the voice of the people; don’t talk foolishness
about no former MP can get the nomination, leave the door open let the people decide who they
want. My ears are on the ground and people are crying and saying if Mr. Gibson do not get the
nomination, the PLP will be in for some problems.”
Meanwhile, PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, made it
clear on several occasions over the past week that there would be no discussions or party actions
in regards to the by-election until after Minister Wilchcombes’ funeral on Thursday.
Chairman Mitchell is also reported as stating that no former MP like Mr. Gibson will be
considered for the nomination, which has seemingly caused a stir among some PLP supporters
and members who have commented on social media.
In the meantime, some PLP branch officials from West Grand Baham and Bimini have
reportedly written to the party’s leadership in support of Mr. Gibson’s nomination, as opposed to
a novice candidate.
Aside from Mr. Gibson, there are reports that Chief Passport Officer Kingsley Smith Jr. is also
vying for the PLP nomination in the by-election.
The official opposition Free National Movement and the Coalition of Independents said they will
contest the vacant seat whenever the date for the by-election is called.
Mr. Jones ended the talk show by saying that he would extend an invitation to Mr. Gibson to
appear on the radio talk show sometime in the very near future to speak about the by-election
and his political aspirations.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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