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Louis Bacon Court Document Under Scrutiny

The legal team of International Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard has expressed great concern about a document produced by the Attorneys of Louis Bacon in legal proceedings in New York which they say are the minutes of a meeting that took place on June 19, 2012 at the Office of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas between Mr. Nygard’s team and officials of The Bahamas Investment Authority.

“Not only have I since satisfied myself that no such minutes were formally given to Mr. Bacon or his attorney by the Office of the Prime Minister, I am certain that the minutes are fabricated in that the contents are not a reflection of what took place at that meeting,” said Mr. Nygard.

He explained that that Meeting focused on two topics:

1. The rebuilding of his residence, for which a site plan and an application for reconstruction had been submitted prior to that meeting; and

2. The overall plan and business strategy of The Bahamas being the possible future site of a “Stem Cell Centre of Excellence” which would act as a main draw for medical tourism to The Bahamas.

An Attorney for Mr. Nygard was emphatic in refuting the minutes which he contends were fabricated. He said “… the possible sites for the Stem Cell Centre of Excellence, never included Lyford Cay in general or Nygard Cay in particular. No such thought could truthfully be recorded as a part of that meeting.”.

Nygard’s attorney said that they never received a copy of the “minutes” of the June 19 meeting and only saw what purports to be a copy several days ago in the New York law suit.

One of his lawyers argues that “No genuine person present at that meeting would have approved those minutes now being advanced by Bacon. I believe that the obscure sentence buried on page 3 of the minutes inaccurately and purposely attempt to mislead any reader into thinking that a stem cell research and treatment facility was to be constructed at Nygard Cay. This is absolutely not true.”

Nygard’s representative says that the Government of The Bahamas must take this matter seriously and have it investigated because neither Louis Bacon nor his Coalition to Save Clifton Bay (aka “Save the Bays”) was a part of the meeting which was not even public.

In fact, Mr. Thomas Evans, QC, one of Mr, Nygard’s Bahamas-based Attorneys said, “There should be an investigation into how and why the June 19, 2012 minutes falsely describe discussions between the Nygard group and The Bahamas Investment Authority. Also criminal charges should be considered against those who leaked these minutes to The Tribune last year and who gave a copy of them to Mr. Bacon’s lawyers in the New York lawsuit. There is likely a violation of the Official Secrets Act.”.

“I truly believe that the minutes had been fabricated and is just a component of the sinister efforts of Louis Bacon and his Coalition to Save Clifton Bay (aka Save the Bays) that is designed to get well-meaning Lyford Cay residents to participate and remain in three judicial review court actions which are being used as a means of delaying me from being able to reconstruct my personal residence at Nygard Cay”, says Mr. Nygard.

Mr. Nygard also said that he believe that Louis Bacon’s objective in bringing the New York lawsuit for the production of his videos, which as argued before the Superior Court of the State of California, had been stolen from him by his ex-employee Mr. Stephen Feralio, is to cause delay in the Bahamas Court hearing arguments by him and the Bahamas Government as to why an injunction preventing him from rebuilding house should be lifted..

Mr. Nygard’s lawyers have expressed further concern over a similar questionable occurrence a year ago when 3 pages of his application for a permit to rebuild his residence mysteriously disappeared just before it was scheduled to be reviewed at the Department of Physical Planning.

Another of Mr. Nygard’s Attorneys and former PLP Member of Parliament, Mr. Keod Smith expresses his belief that it is Mr. Bacon’s intention to cause such delays until the next general election so that Bacon’s millions can go toward supporting the FNM in their bid to recapture the Government. “If that is done, Bacon would then use his proven influence over the FNM to prevent Mr. Nygard from ever rebuilding at Nygard Cay. This would play into Mr. Bacon’s nefarious strategy to force Mr. Nygard to abandon his Nygard Cay property, so that Mr. Bacon can finally obtain it,” said Mr Smith.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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