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Irresponsible Behavior Run Amuck

By P.J. Malone
As citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, we are all responsible for our country’s well being. So when individuals under the guise of environmental do-gooders seek to waste our resources and damage our country’s standing in the world for their own personal agenda, it is each of our responsibilities to stand up and speak out.

Save The Bays’ cohorts have engaged in behavior that is very irresponsible and shameful:

They have decided that they are a law unto themselves and refuse to abide by United States Treasury regulations that prescribe the behavior that is allowed for all 501(c)(3) organizations for which Save The Bays is one of.

They have decided that fashion mogul Peter Nygard is their target of choice and attacked him for doing things they themselves have done, which proves that Peter Nygard has clearly done nothing wrong or that they themselves have committed egregious acts.

They have decided that the Government of The Bahamas is not worthy of serving the people—even though the Government was duly elected by the people—so they have tried to controvert the people’s choice with vicious acts destroying our good name in the process.

Then they escalated their unfounded actions to reprehensible levels. They have taken their attacks to such lengths as to dominate much of our courts’ time and resources to adjudicate all of their false claims.

Why should we pay to entertain Fred Smith’s biggest past time—his prolific legal maneuverings? We shouldn’t!

And, we should be ashamed to call ourselves Bahamians for letting Fred Smith and the others get away with what they did in the international community to sully our good name for political payback and to further their perverted agenda.

Just because they have the financial backing of a multi billionaire in Louis Bacon doesn’t mean they have a right to launch a witch-hunt and decide who they deem to be unworthy.

No one has a right to target an individual and decide that because they have a personal beef with that individual they will use everything they have to target that individual, try to convince the world with falsehoods that the individual is some awful person, and go to any extreme to destroy that individual.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is ‘Who’s next?’ If they can do it to one person, they can do it to someone else. We should all be concerned.

What if they decided to target you?! What if they decided that they don’t like something as simple as the color you used to paint your house? Okay, so that’s taking it to the extreme in simplicity, but that is just how they start. They find a little something to ignite their fire, and before you know it, you are accused of all manner of things.

How do you think witch-hunts got started? Witch-hunts are known to be notoriously subjective and without merit; yet, it is years later before the actions are reflected upon and seen for what they are: But it is all after the damage is done—after many deaths.

In the Salem witch-hunts in the late 1600s, over two hundred men, women and children were falsely accused of being witches, including a 4-year-old girl—If you looked at your neighbour in a funny way, you were accused of being a witch.
twenty people in Salem were executed for being a witch before they stopped the madness.

The point is that no one is safe in a witch-hunt and that’s just what Fred Smith and his Save The Bays cohorts are engaged in—a witch-hunt.

Fred Smith and the Save The Bays cohorts have gone far enough in their witch-hunt hysteria and have caused irreparable damage to Peter Nygard and our country’s good name.

When will they be stopped? Who will stop them? Will you stop them?

We are each tasked with stopping this irresponsible behavior run amuck.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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