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Fred Smith, Stop Telling Lies!

By P.J. Malone

Save The Bays Director and attorney Fred Smith appears to be obsessed with fashion mogul Peter Nygard to the extent that he is fabricating actions and assigning it to Peter Nygard. No wonder some people think that Fred Smith is “unhinged”.

Fred Smith is quoted ranting and raving in an article and reporting falsehoods about Mr. Nygard dredging the seabed.

Fred Smith must have enough sense to realize that Hurricane Matthew would have impacted Nygard Cay like many places in Nassau, especially given that Nygard Cay has 3 sides bordered by water and experienced devastating effects with a category 4 hurricane slamming it from the south.

It doesn’t even take a hurricane—simply a bad storm—to pile up sand on the road near the ocean on West Bay Street every time. Many residents in the western area of New Providence can attest to that. Everyone knows that the wind whips up the sand and re-deposits it during a hurricane.

The category 4 hurricane came from the south and had devastating affects on many structures on the southern end of New Providence. With Nygard Cay being a peninsula, the category 4 hurricane easily battered it about like a rag doll. Nygard Cay’s cabana was destroyed; the dock was damaged; over 40 trees were lost; the beach has disappeared and sand was blown and piled up all over the Cay and in the marina.

Has Fred Smith seen the pictures of the damages from Hurricane Matthew to Nygard Cay?

Has Fred Smith seen the debris and dirt in the Nygard Cay marina from the storm?

Has Fred Smith gone to every coastal homeowner with a marina and made sure they didn’t remove any sand that’s blocking in their boats also?

Why is Peter Nygard so vilified? Is Mr. Nygard not allowed to clean up after the storm like everyone else?

Why is Fred Smith so obsessed with Peter Nygard? Does working for hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon require Fred Smith to stoop to such levels?

And by the way, what seabed has Peter Nygard dredged? He has never done such a thing.

Fred Smith is trying to misrepresent what Mr. Nygard is doing.

Cleaning up the debris and moving sand that is beneath his boat in the marina does not qualify as dredging the seabed. Fred Smith knows that.

But just for Fred Smith’s edification, dredging the seabed is what Save The Bays chief funder, Louis Bacon, did when he built his marina from scratch (right next door to Peter Nygard) without prior approvals. Bacon is the one who dug up the seabed to create his marina.

Peter Nygard met his marina in place on Nygard Cay. He has not ever had the need to dredge the seabed. So, why the misrepresentation and the double standard Fred Smith, and where is this “blatant defiance of laws” Nygard is engaged in?

The category 4 hurricane many have just survived, the suffering of many Bahamians, the dire state of affairs for many who have suffered damage, the sense of compassion needed to get through this traumatic event, all seem totally lost on Fred Smith and Save The Bays.

Instead of trying to find ways to help recovery efforts, they have chosen to take advantage of the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew and use it to vilify Peter Nygard and falsely accuse Mr. Nygard of some pretty sickening things.

They also accuse Mr. Nygard of believing he is the King of The Bahamas. But I truly don’t know any kings that have had their homes burned down and can’t get the approval to have it rebuilt.

I don’t know any kings who have been plotted against, lied on and attacked at every turn without the power to make it stop.

I don’t know any kings who have been so unjustly vilified by individuals with such a personal vendetta and who are practically helpless to do anything about it.

Fred Smith, stop using the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew to tell lies on Peter Nygard and go figure out how you can help the Bahamian people who are suffering and trying to put their lives back together.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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