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Enough Is Enough

By P.J. Malone

 The actions of Save The Bays attorney and Director, Fred Smith, are demonstrative of a man who is either losing his mind or on a path to destroy our nation. Or, Fred Smith’s actions are perfectly all right and we are the ones who simply ‘don’t get it’.

 Smith’s recent actions involve writing an open letter to the Bahamas Commissioner of Police—which is printed in full on a Caribbean News website—concerning his complaints to international human rights organizations that the Save The Bays 5 are in fear for their lives.

 It’s one thing to have a family fight; it’s another thing entirely to involve strangers in your family fight. Not only has Fred Smith filed a dubious petition with an international human rights organization, he has now had his open letter printed in full on a Caribbean website.

 It is most disturbing that Fred Smith would continuously seek to malign the good name of The Bahamas internationally. Why would Fred Smith do such a thing?

 It has been stated on an “Issues of The Day” radio show on Love 97 that the Government of The Bahamas is in the process of investigating Save The Bays and their questionable activities.

 Could this be the reason why? It is high time the plotting of Save The Bays and Bacon representatives be investigated.

 Fred Smith has said in the letter that he does not want these Save The Bays representatives to be asked about their sources, who told them that their lives are in danger, for fear that the sources will face “serious personal danger”. Okay, so this is a valid point.

 However, how are we to know that these sources really do exist and that what Fred Smith is telling us about these supposed threats are true?

 We know that Fred Smith has a history of telling falsehoods.

 We know that Fred Smith and his cohorts pretend that Save The Bays is a legitimate 501(c)(3) for IRS (United States Internal Revenue Service) purposes, but is described by Fred Smith himself as a political action committee.

 We know that Fred Smith created a constitutional crisis claiming that financial information read in the Parliament was private when the IRS declares all financial information of 501(c)(3) organizations to be public.

 We know that Fred Smith and his Save The Bays cohorts are unfairly attacking fashion mogul Peter Nygard for some imaginary environmental misdeed, which happens to be an infringement when Peter Nygard does it, but not an infringement when others do it—we know that the real reason for their attack is because they are working to destroy Peter Nygard on behalf of their chief funder hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon.

 We know that Fred Smith had full knowledge of Bacon’s operatives plotting with Bobo and Toggie to falsely accuse Peter Nygard of plotting murder, but still went to the courts to accuse Mr. Nygard of these false claims—because Fred Smith didn’t realize at the time that Bobo and Toggie had recorded their meetings potting against Peter Nygard.

 We know that Fred Smith had to have known that Nygard Cay, a narrow peninsula, must have suffered damage from a category 4 hurricane coming from the south in recent weeks; yet he falsely accused Peter Nygard of dredging and extending his beach when Nygard was simply cleaning up after the hurricane and restoring order like everyone else in The Bahamas after the storm.

 So, because of Fred Smith’s problems with the truth;

 Because Fred Smith has never gone public with these supposed threats while he cries ‘foul’ for everything else;

 Because these 5 individuals, Fred Smith, Francisco Nunez, Joseph Darville, Kirkland Bodie and Romauld Ferreira, have been said in the petition to have had to flee for their lives, yet they have been seen by various witnesses moving around town going about their business as usual without any apparent anxiety;

 And, because we have a history of acrimonious political fights in The Bahamas that all involved consider par for the course after which many still remain friends—after all, family members always fight, but at the end of the day, we are still family.

 We don’t believe Fred Smith!

 Fred Smith needs to stop his atrocious behavior creating discord and spreading untruths in the international arena all to avoid the spotlight and further his and Louis Bacon’s political agenda.

 It is time for Bahamians everywhere to declare that enough is enough with Fred Smith’s dangerous shenanigans!



Written by Jones Bahamas

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