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Bacon’s Vendetta Costing Bahamians Millions

By P.J. Malone

While the lawyers are making millions in hedge-fund billionaire Louis Bacon’s efforts to destroy fashion mogul Peter Nygard, the Bahamian people are footing the bill.

I’m sure no Bahamian likes the idea of paying the salaries of judges, court clerks, and police officers for them to be at the unfettered beck and call of Louis Bacon and his operative, Save The Bays. Yet that is what has been happening.

Every time we spend a weekend shopping in Florida and have to cough up duty money, it goes to make sure the Government of The Bahamas can pay their bills. Each time we have to license our cars, or pay stamp duty and VAT, we are depositing money into the Government’s treasury. And when the Government pays these court officers’ salaries, that’s our hard earned dollars at work!

The Save The Bays’ scoundrels have spent hundreds of hours in court on their aberrant agenda seeking to destroy Peter Nygard and embarrass the Government of The Bahamas.

This has cost the Bahamian people in three ways:

For one, the many years and the hundreds of hours Louis Bacon’s lawyers have expended utilizing the resources of our court system for his personal war has been costing Bahamians hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the salary of judges, court clerks and the police officers working for the courts.

Secondly, Bahamians are losing out on millions of dollars because of Louis Bacon’s refusal to bury the hatchet when Mr. Nygard proposed it. Mr. Nygard suggested a few years ago that they use the millions that they are spending on legal fees to help the environment and the Bahamian people. Imagine what that could have done for our local economy!

So instead of putting people to work and giving the local economy a shot in the arm, the Bahamian people are stuck continuing to pay for the shenanigans of Fred Smith and Save The Bays on behalf of Louis Bacon, while Fred Smith shamelessly lines his pocket to the tune of millions in legal fees.

However, the biggest cost of all is the price we are paying internationally. Our country has been listed as a nation with human rights abuses placing us in league with rogue nations who kidnap, torture and kill its citizens. Fred Smith and his Save The Bays cohorts have besmirched the good name of The Bahamas suggesting that their lives are in danger when they could be seen around town living off of the fat of the land thanks to the resources of the Bahamian people.

And what do we get in return? The constant flow of negative publicity generated by Save The Bays on The Bahamas and the mistruths about the quality of governance in our country.

How could we let them get away with shamelessly using millions to destroy the reputation of the country while the Bahamian people pay for their use of our resources only to abuse our court system?

Given the number of cases to be heard, given the amount of decisions and rulings to be written by our judges, these judges must be overwhelmed! There is no doubt that the attorneys for Bacon and Save The Bays have found many ways to tax the judges of our courts physically and tax the people financially just to appease the egos of Louis Bacon and his cohorts.

As we fund Save The Bays personal agenda and the private war of Louis Bacon to destroy Peter Nygard at all cost, know that it is not about justice for Bacon. It’s about the extent to which he is able to get an advantage over his neighbour.

In this needless, insane, egotistical, war, it must be obvious to all that it is the Bahamian people who have the most to lose. At the end of the day, it is Fred Smith and the other attorneys who are making millions while the Bahamian people are paying the bills.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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