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Activist: “Save The Bays Is No Environmental Group”

By: P.J. Malone


Hedge-fund billionaire, Louis Bacon, uses Save The Bays as his base to attack Peter Nygard and any institution he deems not worthy of existence, says Vivian Whylly.


Whylly, an environmental activist who fought to save Clifton Cay from developers, made some strong arguments and profound revelations on the JCN Television show “The Platform.” He suggests that Save The Bays, a purported environmental organization in The Bahamas, is the mouthpiece of Louis Bacon and is a super-PAC (political action committee), set up to overthrow the PLP Government of The Bahamas.


Evidence to Whylly’s assertion is the numerous ads run by Save The Bays seeking to discredit the Government of The Bahamas. Whylly believes that these ads are poisoning the minds of the Bahamian people because, “if you see something in writing often enough, you start to believe it, which is most unfortunate.


The ads are said to total more than the ads the Government Opposition party, the FNM, and the DNA party combined have run. Each Save The Bays’ ad published has at the bottom of the ad, “This ad was paid for by Save The Bays.” Mr. Whylly asked, “What does Save The Bays have to do with the governing of the Bahamas?”


Fred Smith, Director and attorney for Save The Bays, would appear to confirm this assertion since he divulged that Save The Bays is a political organization. These assertions give credence to the calls from a number of individuals for Louis Bacon to be declared Persona Non Grata for his efforts to destabilize the government.


The real nature of Save The Bays, calls the Save The Bays United States 501c3 status into question. It puts Bacon at risk of violating U.S. treasury laws since Save The Bays is recorded as an environmental group, but is operating outside of those parameters.


Mr. Whylly suggests that the IRS should take a closer look at this. No group should disguise itself as an environmental group when it really seeks to undermine a government who does not do what they want it to do.


Whylly says that it is obvious that Save The Bays is a politically motivated interceptor of the due process of the Bahamian people’s laws and procedures. It is strictly political: You can see that through the fact that Louis Bacon sued Peter Nygard 15 times in various jurisdictions. Save The Bays’ attorney, Fred Smith, is working on behalf of Louis Bacon using the courts to stop Mr. Nygard from rebuilding his house and stopping the Bahamas Government from granting approval for the accreted land onto Peter Nygard’s property—which appears to be at the core of the matter.


Here is how accretion is defined by “accretion – n. 1) in real estate, the increase of the actual land on a stream, lake or sea by the action of water which deposits soil upon the shoreline. Accretion is Mother Nature’s little gift to a landowner.”


In an effort to stop Peter Nygard from rebuilding his home after it was mysteriously set on fire, Save The Bays was formed and is admittedly being funded by Louis Bacon to focus on this effort. Save The Bays has been accused of running a smear campaign against Peter Nygard ever since. It is also attacking the PLP Government for not stopping the land accretion on Nygard Cay.


Some people wonder why Save The Bays isn’t going after any other landowner experiencing land accretion throughout the islands of The Bahamas. It is said that in other countries, the accreted land becomes the property of the property owner. However, here in The Bahamas, in this one instance, it is believed that Mother Nature’s act of accretion is enough to start an environmental group and launch an all out war against Peter Nygard


When asked his opinion on the question: “What has Nygard done that is so egregiously wrong to invite such ongoing vicious attacks?” Whylly contends that Louis Bacon has the backing of the Lyford Cay owners, and they do not like the amount of black people that Nygard allows on his property.


Nygard has opened his Lyford Cay home to many different groups including summer camps for youth groups. All of these individuals have to pass through the Lyford Cay gates and drive past Louis Bacon and other Lyford Cay homes to get to Nygard Cay. Whylly bases his position on observations, interactions, and personal experience with Lyford Cay owners while working with them on the Clifton Environmental Project. He reveals that certain inappropriate questions were asked of him about Peter Nygard by Lyford Cay homeowners. Whylly reiterates that the reason previously stated is the real reason behind it all.


Whylly declared that Save The Bays is a political organization that should be investigated by the U.S. Government and that Louis Bacon must be declared Persona Non Grata and be asked to leave the Bahamas immediately


Several people are now calling for Louis Bacon to be considered a persona non grata. They say he should not be welcomed in The Bahamas for using millions of dollars to seek to destroy the Government of The Bahamas in his attempt to fight Peter Nygard using Saving The Bays and the court system. If Louis Bacon’s is found to be attempting to use subversive acts to destroy the Government of the Bahamas through Save The Bays, the Government would have no choice but to deem Louis Bacon a persona non grata and ask him to leave The Bahamas.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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